Our Proces Explained

Conceptualizing & Strategy

Logo Design Legend wants to know your ideas, why your ideas make sense, why it’s going to be successful and why anyone would care about it. This is where our proficient strategists will challenge norms and refurbish business plans.

At Logo Design Legend, We transform ideas into definite products. Our developers work hand-in-hand with the clients by holding the grip on your initial app concept and amalgamate that concept with everything our team knows about mobile, startups, what works and what doesn’t.

After agreeing on a direction, Team Logo Design Legend fleshes out all the details. One of the finest thing about this process is that minutes in strategy translate to an hour in wireframing, a few hours in design, and days or even weeks in development.

The written feature set is provided in order to describe how your app is going to work. By making this document base of the project, our designers come up with designs and our developers use as a guideline for coding. It is the foundation for all the steps to come during the app creation.

App Designing & Branding

There are a number of reasons why Logo Design Legend have had multiple apps featured in app store. One of the major reasons is our compact designing and branding. In a crowded marketplace, the different design will help your product stand out. It’s the first touch point you’ll have with your end users, and it’s crucial to make it count anyway.

Our industry specific designers are united by their enthusiasm for distinct designs and high-end aesthetics. Our designers ensure that no matter who designs a particular screen, icon, or logo, it always looks and feels impeccable.

The custom features and functionality of your business app and how firmly it’s coded is critical. But when it comes to the impression and first look, it’s all about design. The aesthetic feel of your app will set the tone for everything else. Our professional team is deeply experienced and well-trained, with balancing illustrative creativity and a deep know-how of app layout.

App Development & Launch

Writing code is not the whole development alone. During the development of a perfect app, it is necessary to figure out its architecture. We create a whole team of lead architect and a team of senior developers to pick the perfect technology stack for your final app.

Logo Design Legend assigns the specialists that match the technologies for that particular app within the architecture phase. Our agile-based development runs in two-week sprints that result in a new, incremental build at the end of each fortnight, allowing our clients to regularly check and analyze what our developers are building for them.

Our solid quality assurance team assures that there are no surprises at the end. And once the app is ready for the end-users, we launch it to the store and your website goes live. Our team ensures that desired name for your app is available in the store.

App Marketing

Launching an app is not an easy thing to do, but getting your app to the store means the half of the battle has been done. When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And so Logo Design Legend has created a vigorous network of partner marketing experts.

Get Expert Help

While your app is in development phase, we suggest you get the help of our experts to assess the marketing goals and opportunities for your app. From creating digital presence to market your app on various platforms, we can get your business covered through our explainer video packages we offer.

App Maintenance

We offer maintenance packages for your apps as well that cover everything from the occasional checkup all the way up to ongoing feature expansions and whole new versions.

Choosing the Right technology stack to build your app

Brilliant Ideas That Create Great Value

Focused Strategies | Novel Ideas | Powerful Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the requirements of the project, the delivery time of the final app will vary between 2-4months.

There are no upfront set up pricing packages for developing applications. Since each application has a different development criterion, customers requiring app development services will have to request custom quotes.

Depending on the requirement of the app, your final concept would be delivered in three variations; prototype, minimum viable product and the final release.

We are always available to serve our customers for any updates or integrations they may require in the future.

Yes, of course. Through the assigned project manager, you will receive regular and timely updates of your project.

Yes, of course. We encourage our customers to inform us about any app design idea that they might like and would like to integrate within their design specs.

We provide 100% confidentiality to all our clients. Any project or an idea brought to us solely remains the property of our client and we do not make any ownership claims thus guaranteeing thorough transparency and integrity.

Yes. If any additional feature is required which is not a part of the original quote, an additional cost will be added to the final cost of the app.

Based on the quote provided for your app development, the relevant assigned project manager will be able to inform you whether revisions will come at an additional cost or will they be done for free.

What Our Prestigious Clients Say About Us


We have nothing but amazing things to say about Logo Design Legend. Our experience was nothing short of perfect and the quality of their work pleasantly surprised us

July 18, 2018


Building a mobile application for my business was the first great idea I had and the second great idea I had was to choose Logo Design Legend for its development. What a professional bunch of amazing thinkers and designers. I am impressed.

September 15, 2018

Oclos Athletics

My business has seen a significant increase in profits ever since we launched our application. An investment well done and we are glad to have chosen Logo Design Legend for the task

January 13, 2019


Logo Design Legend is undoubtedly the best development group I have worked with Period. They have performed beyond my expectations. They just didn’t do what they were told Infact they gave their creative input throughout the process and I can sure say my application is better because of them.

January 05, 2019

Butterfly Books

My experience with Logo Design Legend has been great and professional. Logo Design Legend had come recommended from many business partners so we thought of giving it a try. Never in life have I been so happy with the decision I have made. Kudos to their development team.

January 02, 2019

Lovingly Pet Care

The people of Logo Design Legend are surely a talented bunch. Our application came out better than what we had originally planned. We don’t count them as someone we outsourced but we treat Logo Design Legend as a part of our creative team.

December 28, 2018

Miracle Skin Care

Professional and courteous service. I encourage every business to reach Logo Design Legend if they are in need of a flawless application and a reliable development partner.

December 26, 2018

Middle Room

Great work and customer oriented service. I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of the android app that Logo Design Legend has provided. Their attention to detail and quality is undoubtedly remarkable

January 02, 2019